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In addition to renting our machines, our italian ice carts, and trying out our fantastic line of frozen beverages, Filipino appetizers, italian ice flavors, and other services....RENT OUR MOBILE TIKI BAR. Each tiki bar includes as standard equipment two high-powered blenders, electrical cords, and three stools! We will deliver it and set up for you as part of our rental charge. All you need to do is add the fun! THE PERFECT ADDITION TO MAKE YOUR PARTY A SUCCESS!!

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Immersion blender

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This 15" immersion blender is an absolute must for serving a lot of guests outdoors in hot temps! This will allow you to keep the party flowing without interruption when using any of our machines outside in hot temps, or when you have large numbers of guests to serve, and not allowing the machines to keep up with recovering the re-freeze process! 

This has been a life-saver for us in doing large events, or events outside on those hot days!

Instead of using water in the mix buckets, just fill the buckets with ice, and in just a few minutes of using the blender you will have automatic slush to pour in the machine, already frozen, to keep serving your guests all day! 

Why take the chance! For only a $40 add-on you will have no worries!!
Tiki Bar

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Tiki Bar Only. Portable, and easy to set up! Our margaritaman will set up this bar for you! Standard equipment with this mobile bar are two high powered blenders. Margaritaman packages are highly recommended as add on packages.
Tiki bar + Fiesta package

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Tiki bar and 1 Frozen Drink Machine with mix and supplies, as described in Fiesta package. This package includes two high-powered blenders as standard equipment.
Tiki bar + Double Fiesta package

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Tiki bar and1 Double Fiesta package, including mixes and supplies. All trailer margarita bars include 2 high powered blenders
Tiki bar + Grande package

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Tiki bar and any two machines as described in Grande package, which includes mixes and supplies. Includes two high power blenders as standard equipment.